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about us

Aurum Options Strategies is a CTA/CPO seeking gold alternative investment. After successfully proving this strategy through varied market conditions, we are opening up our strategy to outside investors.

Our Strategy focuses on diversifying gold exposure. It is meant to serve two main groups: (1) those who agree that exposure to rising gold prices is essential to the long term health of their portfolios, but have limited their investment in gold because of its volatility and (2) those who have invested in gold via GLD and wish to ‘book some profit’ while retaining upside profit potential.

We implement bullish exposure with controlled downside risk. This leads us to favor options spreads over underlying futures. Our strategy is not subject to stop-outs when gold corrects. The uncertainty around the world and the trading algorithms in the marketplace lead us to believe that trading gold futures is a losing proposition. Options give us control of premiums and let us use leverage to mitigate risk, not wager irresponsibly. Our constant goal is to manage risk and protect capital – monitor position sizes, net and gross exposure, style drift, capacity and liquidity.


Paul Sacks spoke at the Shanghai Derivatives Market Forum (SDMF) on the topic of the Application of Gold Options in Enterprise Risk Management. During this speech, he introduced innovative options spread strategies for people who pursue superior gold investment.

CNBC Interview (06/26/2014).
Is it time to buy gold? Paul Sacks discusses if gold is poised to break out.

Paul was invited to speak at Dalian Commodity Exchange as they prepare for the launch of commodity options trading. Click here to see Paul and other guests' talk published in local media.